9 Reasons to Study a Computer Science Degree


What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computer systems and processing information. Topics under the bracket of computer science include technological theory, algorithms and the design of computer hardware, software and applications. Computer scientists usually occupy jobs that focus on areas such as programming languages, computer hardware construction, software engineering and network design.

With a variety of innovative areas to specialise in, computer science is a broad field that presents a lot of opportunities. As a computer science graduate, you could develop games, write software or keep people’s data secure, among many other things. Studying for a bachelor degree in computer science, you will develop a combination of analytical and technical skills, learning coding languages and mathematical processes.

Why Study Computer Science?

There are many benefits of studying computer science. One of the biggest is that, as a computer scientist, you can drive change through technology and have a positive impact on the lives of many. Computer science is a practical subject, centered around the goal of improving lives by making processes easier and safer.


In the digital age, computer scientists are in high demand. Technology is one of the biggest influences on the world today, and you will have secure job prospects if you adapt alongside it. All industries in all countries need computer scientists, and the more you learn, the more valuable you will be to organisations in both the private and public sectors. For this reason, computer science graduates enjoy high salaries and options for progression.

Innovative Development

Endless technological developments mean computer science is an engaging and varied field. Things are always changing, so there is huge scope for learning opportunities, or to try something new. If you are someone who looks for continuous personal development, this field will keep challenging you. This is one of the reasons job satisfaction is high among computer science graduates.

Rewarding Work

Computer science and technology impact our lives in countless ways. As a computer scientist, you can have a rewarding career, knowing you are improving the lives of those around you. You could help keep people safe by developing new technology to stop cyber-attacks, predict the next earthquake, or help treat health issues. Alternatively, you could develop resource-based apps, such as e-learning platforms, to further education.

Develop Transferable Skills

A degree in computer science or technology will teach you many skills which can be useful for all types of career. You will learn how to strongly utilise teamwork and lead projects, as well as improving on your report writing, time management and communication skills. It will also help you to develop more subject-specific abilities, such as writing reports and solving problems using analytical thinking.

Opportunities for Creativity and Innovation

Computer science isn’t all about programming and coding. Computer scientists need to see the bigger picture, to identify problems and find innovative new solutions. You could design the next big app or video game, or maybe you’ll become a data scientist and analyse data to help guide big businesses on what to do next.

Why Study Computer Science in the UK?

The UK is a fantastic place to study computer science, due to the business and career opportunities available for students. Students in the UK can benefit from a variety of developed, cutting-edge industries, with many universities promoting their alumni through well-established networks. Studying in the UK, you will also have access to world-class facilities and teachers, inspiring you for your next step. Additionally, a degree from a highly ranked, British university is recognised as a prestigious qualification by employers around the world, putting you ahead of the competition when you want to start your career.

Furthermore, computer science is an innovative industry that thrives in the country’s business-centred economy. It is reported that, in the UK, over 90% of computer science graduates are in work or further study six months after graduating (Prospects, 2020), with most working in information technology or the business and financial industries. The average British salary for a computer science graduate is around £25,000 per year, while more senior roles in this line of work boast salaries of up to £70,000 per year (Save the Student, 2020).

Why Study Computer Science at University of Lincoln?

The University of Lincoln is a well-decorated university, named as one of the greatest young universities in the world by the Times Higher Education’s (THE) Young University Rankings 2020 and recognised for its Gold-standard in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2017. The International Study Centre here offers programmes, such as the International Foundation Year and the International Year One, that are designed to prepare students to study an undergraduate degree abroad at this impressive institution. On both of these courses, students are provided with academic and English language support, as well as being given an important introduction to life and learning in the UK. As a student on one of these programmes, can choose from a number of subject-specific pathways to study and utilise our career development service, CareerAhead, so your time studying here will be tailored to your personal interests and career goals. We can give you the skills to achieve your potential and be successful studying a computer science degree.

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