Ahmed's story: my virtual learning experience


Ahmed, from Egypt, is one of our current student ambassadors at the International Study Centre. Find out what he has to say about his experience of studying virtually since he joined us in September.

If you are disappointed that you can’t travel to your place of study because of the pandemic situation we are facing, this blog is for you. First of all, let me tell you that I appreciate what you feel – I was disappointed as well and I thought that I wouldn’t have passion to any academic stuff but, once I got into it, everything changed!

Facing any transition in your life makes you feel uncomfortable and unconfident, especially if this transition will introduce you to new people and different study materials to deal with. There is that moment you are asked to introduce yourself in front of a camera, while all your peers are just looking at you and waiting for you to speak, or when you are being introduced to your course curriculum and you just don’t understand anything. I thought that I would spend all night thinking and asking myself questions that I have no answer for. Questions like, “what are the modules for which term?” or, “what are the assessments for each module and what percentage of the final grade do they each account for?” I thought I wouldn’t even be able to ask my friends about things I don’t know, because it looked like I would struggle to make friends in this online community.

Thankfully, the decision I made, after several months of thinking, was to join the Lincoln International Study Centre. That helped me to avoid the situation I thought I would be in – I have all the support that I need and got an idea about how everything is going to go throughout the year. The support I have been given is miles ahead of my expectations – the Student Support team have had an answer for almost all my queries and checked that I feel comfortable and stable. This absolutely made it easier for me to make friends and engage with the community through online events and a group chat with my classmates. The only thing that I had to worry about is my classes and studies, which is what the supporting team aimed for.

The self-study room is a useful part of the class schedule – this is 1-2 hours of working time scheduled in at the end of weekdays, an hour after classes end. What’s so great about that? You can just study at any time of the day, so why to stick to the schedule? Studying after the classes, once you’ve taken enough of a break, is easier as the information has just been taught and is still fresh in your mind. Also, it means you will have finished your homework right after the classes, leaving you the whole day to take up a hobby or spend time with your friends. This helped me to keep my work up to date without neglecting the other aspects of my life. Having that 1-2 hours set out for study in the timetable made it easier for me not to escape from my responsibility – now I am more productive and engaged in my studies than I ever was before.

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