Living in the UK 

Students in the UK enjoy a quality lifestyle. People are friendly, welcoming and keen to share the UK’s rich culture and history with you.

The UK is a safe and friendly place to live with a low crime rate and efficient emergency services. The extensive public transport network makes it easy for international students to travel around the country to experience the UK's rich history and cultural diversity. Lincoln is a friendly, vibrant and historic city in the county of Lincolnshire. It is located in central-eastern England in an area called the East Midlands. Other nearby cities include Nottingham and Leicester.

Your Life in the UK


The UK is widely known for its rainy weather. England on average has more sunny days and higher temperatures than other areas within the UK. Lincoln and the East Midlands have typical weather for the UK. The landscape is mostly flat, with low hills and no mountains. This makes the weather more predictable than in hillier areas elsewhere in the UK.

Lincoln Culture and Language

Lincoln is a beautiful city with cobbled streets, a restored castle and a medieval cathedral. It has a thriving arts scene with theatres, music venues and an annual book festival. The local accent is quite subtle in the city but gets broader in the countryside areas. The Lincolnshire dialect includes terms such as:

  • Duck – a term of endearment: “Hello duck”
  • Tates – potatoes
  • Frit – Frightened
  • Gofer – someone from another country

Currency and Banking

The official currency in the UK is Pound sterling (£/GBP), commonly referred to as the "pound". All shops will accent physical cash money, with credit and debit cards also widely accepted. Some smaller shops may not accept cards, or may charge a small fee.

It is also useful to have a UK bank account for managing your money and avoiding international banking fees. When you arrive at Lincoln, we will help you set up a bank account.

Travel in the UK and abroad

With lots of different transportation available, it can be easy to travel across the UK and even abroad. It is easy to get to London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester and Hull from Lincoln.

Travel by Rail 

The UK has a nationwide rail network that connects towns, cities and rural areas. From Lincoln Central Station you can easily connect with rest of the UK. You can also travel by train to many destinations in Europe with Eurostar, a high-speed rail service connecting the UK to Europe. Trains depart from London St Pancras International – just over 2 hours from Lincoln by train. Student discounts are available for rail travel.

Travel by Coach

Coaches are an affordable way to travel within the UK. You can also travel to European cities by coach, but journeys tend to be much longer. Lincoln has regular and affordable bus services for getting around the city and to local areas. A new, state-of-the-art bus station is currently under construction.

Travel by Bike

There is a low cost bike hire service in Lincoln that is available 24-hours a day. Bikes are stored at several rental stations, which include the Lincoln Central Station and the University of Lincoln. To use a bike, you need to register online or over the phone.

Travel by Air

There are multiple international airports throughout the UK, and many within easy reach of Lincoln:

  • East Midlands (EMA) and Birmingham (BHX) airports are less than 2 hours’ drive from Lincoln.
  • Manchester (MAN) and London Luton (LTN) airports are around 2 hours 20 minutes’ drive from Lincoln.
  • Humberside International Airport (HUY) is 45 minutes’ drive from Lincoln. This small airport has regular services to Amsterdam and Aberdeen.

Healthcare and Insurance

The National Health Service (NHS) is a nationwide healthcare system that provides doctors, hospital treatments and some dental care. As an international student, you can use the NHS if you have an EHIC card (EEA or Swiss Nationals), or if you pay a health surcharge (non-EEA nationals).

At the University of Lincoln, the on-campus Health Centre provides healthcare information, and appointments with doctors and nurses. When you arrive at the International Study Centre, we will help you register for health services. For more information, you can visit the NHS website for full details on what is covered.

All international students also need to have insurance that covers medical emergencies, travel delays and personal possessions. You can purchase our StudyCare insurance or arrange an alternative policy. If you use an alternative policy, you must provide proof of adequate cover. 

Safety in the UK

You will feel safe and welcome in the UK. International students are protected by the same laws and public services as UK citizens, and it is free to telephone the police, fire brigade or ambulance services in an emergency.

To contact the emergency services:

  • In an emergency – call 999

  • To report a crime – call 101

Lincoln is a safe place for students to live. Like any city, you should act responsibly and take precautions. To find out about the local police service, visit