Develop Your Skills for Success With CareerAhead

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At the International Study Centre ‭we care about helping you fulfil ‭your career ambitions once you ‭graduate. 

With your future career ‭in mind, we have integrated a new ‭careers service into our academic ‭courses that is designed to give you ‭a head start in the global ‭graduate employment market by ‭helping you become a highly skilled, confident and ‭employable graduate. CareerAhead will ‭guide you towards making the right ‭choices and using your time at ‭the University of Lincoln productively so that you can maximise ‭your chances of success in the ‭competitive job market.

How CareerAhead works

During Your Course

While at the International Study Centre you will complete a skills assessment questionnaire, similar to the type of questionnaire used by employers. Answering the questions will help you think about the skills you already have, such as planning and organising, and highlight the skills you may want to develop further. The results of the assessment will help you create your personal career development plan.

You will have the opportunity ‭to develop key employability ‭skills, such as leadership, communication and teamwork – skills that can easily ‭be transferred to a professional ‭working environment.

‭You will have the opportunity to develop key employability skills, such as leadership, communication and teamwork – skills that can easily be transferred to a professional working environment. You will learn how to write ‭an excellent CV and a personal statement ‭that stands out. You will also have the opportunity to improve your organisation, presentation ‭and interview skills.

Teachers at the International Study Centre will work with you in the ‭classroom, in small groups and on ‭an individual basis, to build your ‭personal career development plan. The plan will include a list of assignments and activities that you can develop skills that ‭are relevant to your chosen career. You will then start to put your plan into action.

During Your Degree

During your degree studies at ‭the University of Lincoln you will continue working on the ‭assignments and activities set out in your ‭personal career development plan. 

‭By completing different assignments you will develop a range of employability skills that will help you find your dream job when you graduate.